The Fleet Compliance software has been developed by the staff at Trevlac Inc. in collaboration with Dynamic Transport Solutions. Trevlac Inc. has been in the software development business for over 45 years and, more recently, has developed a number of cloud-based applications. The staff at Dynamic Transport Solutions have many years of experience in the enforcement of the trucking regulations for both large and small fleet operators.

With the advent of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) requirement for long-haul truck operators in many jurisdictions, the Fleet Compliance Group has developed a system for local fleet operators where their vehicles stay within the 160 km/100 mile radius of the Home Terminal. These local fleet operators do not require an ELD in their vehicles but they still must track their drivers’ Hours of Service (HoS – i.e. - daily shift start and end times), be able to produce a Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) Report if stopped by an inspector on the roadside, and track the maintenance of their vehicles and produce records on how PTI defects were repaired. Operators must also maintain the HoS for all drivers for 6 months and the PTIs and maintenance records for all vehicles for 6 months. The Fleet Compliance Group software allows drivers to capture their HoS, PTIs, and generate Workorders on a smartphone or tablet, have the data communicated, in real-time via a cellular network, to a cloud-based database, and all data can be viewed and printed immediately on computers in the operator’s office(s).

If a defect is detected during a PTI, the Fleet Compliance software can automatically generate workorders in the cloud database so that the workorders are immediately available to technicians and mechanics. Parts invoices used in the repair of vehicles can be photographed or scanned and stored with the completed workorders so that all of the government required information is kept with the workorder in the event of an audit.

Warnings can be communicated to drivers and administration staff when Driving and On Duty time limits are imminent or have been reached during a shift. Cycle times are monitored as well as the need for at least 24 hours of Off Duty time in a 14-day period. All of the limits are configured to the jurisdiction and the warning times and recipients are set by the client.

Renewal and expiry dates for many things like the CVOR, insurance, vehicle/driver licence renewal dates, next service dates, and maintenance inspection dates are all retained in the system so that notifications can be sent to the appropriate parties when a renewal or expiry date is approaching.

The Fleet Compliance Group is dedicated to providing a simple and complete software package to its clients to enable them to be compliant with government regulations and will continue to improve and enhance the product based on our clients’ requirements and requests.